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Radio l'Am is the club responsible for running morning announcements, and certain lunchtime events. We are situated at the back of the cafeteria.



We currently run the show using a simple Shure Microphone, connected to a Mackie mixer using XLR. We also have line-in powered by a simple 3.5mm to RCA cord. From the output, our signal is sent to 2 places: First to the Bogen-Multicom2000 amplifier in the office by 1/4" for distribution to the rest of the school (12W RMS, used for daily morning announcements). Second, Radio l'Am is connected by XLR to Stage Crew's NexTech amplifier backstage (recently installed by me) for use during lunchtime events, as it is only hooked up to the cafeteria. (there is a 1/4" out beside the amplifier for plugging into the mixer in the sound cart if needed.)


Item Description Price Link
Condenser Mic. Neewer NW700 to be used as main microphone on stand $60
Dynamic Mic. Shure PGA48 to be used as main dynamic microphone $50 or
Compressor Balance volume to specified level $200 or
  • Dynamic mic will become main mic if purchasing from amazon isn't allowed

Extras: Spare or extra microphones, decent quality:

New mixer (if ever needed):

What We Do

Morning Announcements

We do the morning announcements.

Lunchtime Events

Radio l'Am runs a couple lunchtime events throughout the year. For lunchtime events, we use the 100W RMS Nextech amplifier backstage for playing sound through the cafeteria speakers. Please see THIS PAGE for more information about the current sound system in the cafeteria.