How to Create a New Page

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Here is a quick tutorial on how to create a new page in this wiki!

Step 1: Think of a topic!

Ok, this one's self explanatory, but come up with what you want to contribute.

Step 2: Search for the topic

When you're at the homepage of the website, search for the topic you want to create

HowToCreatePages 1.jpg

Step 3: Check if the topic exists, if not, click the "Create Page" button

When you search for the topic for your page, if it already exists, edit that instead, if it does not, click the Create Page button

HowToCreatePages 2.jpg

Step 4: Add the information to your page

Add all of your information to the page, preferably with pictures. Click HERE for a tutorial on adding pictures.

HowToCreatePages 3.jpg

Step 5: Add a summary and save changes

Once done with the page, enter a summary for the edits, and save the page.