How To Use In-Wall Microphone Extensions in Market Square

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This guide examines how to setup and use the in-wall microphone extensions, situated in Market Square. When used correctly, this can make setups such as those for assemblies much neater, because you can run microphone cables from behind the podium, to the sound cart, without running microphone cables through the audience. Think of this system, as basically a 4 channel snake, running behind the walls.

Step 1

The inputs for the microphone cables behind the podium
A picture showing where the extension inputs are located

Set the wired Sennheiser microphone by the podium, and run the microphone cable to this patch point, behind the podium. I would recommend that you plug the microphone into port 2, as it is the least glitchy from my testing in 2016, but if you have to, you can use the other 3 inputs as well.

Step 2

The patch panel in market square, that contains the outputs of the microphone extensions
The patch panel is located near the cafeteria, close to where the sound cart is setup.

Plug in another microphone cable (preferably a shorter one), into the patch panel beside where we setup the sound cart, into the corresponding output. If you plugged your mic into input #2, plug your other cable into output #2. The patch panel with the outputs also contains a DMX port, for plugging in a lighting controller, as well as 2 1/4" jacks, for hook-ups for historical hanging speakers that used to exist in market square.

Step 3

Plug the other end of the microphone cable, into an available channel in the mixer in the sound cart, then proceed as normal.

Originally Created by Tony Tascioglu